Crimson Cove Smoked Sea Salt

Variety 3-Pack

(1 each - Smoked Sea Salt, Habanero Salt, Nut Salt) 


Fine Smoked Sea Salt 3 oz  

3 for $17.00

* Product photography by Cliff Fiess Photography

Coarse Smoked Nut Sea Salt 2.7 oz

3 for $19.00

Coarse Smoked Sea Salt 3 oz 

3 for $17.00


The health benefits of pure sea salt are well known; but we prefer to focus on the soul benefits of smoked sea salt!
Pure Smoked Sea Salt for the table, Smoked Nut Sea Salt for your pork roasts and chops, and our Exclusive Signature Habanero Smoked Sea Salt to finish your eggs, steaks, roasts and seafood will surely please the most sophisticated palates. 

Habanero Smoked Sea Salt 2.8 oz 

3 for $19.00